How does it work?

Shopping at Oddshoe is very simple, select man/woman and the size of your left and right shoe. Then you click the search button.
An overview of the odd shoes in your size will appear. From here you can choose the shoe of your preference, after that you add your shoe in the cart. The odd shoes are now in the shoppingcart.
To finalize the order you go to 'my cart'  and click `go to check out´. Here you can choose to confirm the order as a guest or register as a client. As guest there is no need to register, however we do recommend to register for future shop convenience.
Last you can choose your preferred payment. After finalizing your order, you will receive an e-mail that your order will be processed. After that you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been sent.

About Odd shoe
Odd shoe is the first website where your size difference does not make any difference in finding the right odd shoes. You no longer have to search for a supplier or website where you can buy odd shoes with the left shoe having a different size from your right shoe. At Odd shoe we offer you a new pair of odd shoes in different sizes. We hope to provide an adequate supply of top brand odd shoes. Select Woman or Man and the desired size off your left and right foot, then click: search footwear. Also for equal size shoes.